Eco Line

Coldrooms of small capacity for the most common uses, equipped with shelves.


A line of mini coldrooms which more widely enlarges our range of coldrooms, with fitted-in monobloc and shelves.

Coldrooms for ships
Our company supplies all coldrooms installed on board of the cruise ships.
Modular cold rooms

Wide range of coldrooms to get any possible dimension.

For complete utilization of the available space we manufacture corner coldrooms assembling.
Special coldrooms

Shaped coldrooms,with internal walls, non-standard doors or walls.

Shelving systems

In aluminium or stainless steel.

Refrigerant units

Monobloc condensing units and split condensing units.

A 75.tifThe wide range of panels with its diversified versions and customizations offers us the opportunità to manufacture coldrooms for any possibile requirement. For supermarkets and retailer shops, industrial kitchens for communities, restaurants and hotels, bakeries; shipping craft from smaller ferry-boats up to huge cruise ships, laboratories; morgues: also for building like the bath-box to be installed into a room. You can here take view of some realizations of ours.